We sell our own Pygora fleeces, processed into a variety of forms, on our Marketplace page. Calling all accomplished or aspiring fiber artists – knitters, hand spinners, weavers, felters, the sky is the limit. Pygora fiber is a unique and luxurious product, with amazing softness and versatility. Anyone interested in trying a unique type of fiber please don’t be shy and check it out. We have an abundance of cloud, roving and yarn that we are excited about and want to promote to the fiber artists of the world.



Our daughter (with some help from us, of course!) also raises a large flock of organic chickens. The result is a small yet thriving business selling our home-grown eggs. We believe that nothing tastes better than an egg from a hen raised with the highest quality feed, and heavily supplemented with kitchen scraps that our customers kindly save for us, ensuring a varied and healthy diet for our flock. We thank everyone who goes to the trouble to save and ‘recycle’ their scraps for us!

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