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Ute Meadow Ranch is located in the central Rocky Mountains, about 15 minutes SE of the town of Fairplay, Colorado and 1-1/2 hours from Denver. At an elevation of 9,200 feet above sea level, we just might have the highest Pygora herd in the US. Our ranch is situated on the rolling, wide-open plains of South Park, and is ringed on all sides by incredible mountain views including the Continental Divide, the Mosquito Range, the Western slopes of the front range, and the Collegiate Range. We consider ourselves lucky to have carved out our home in this “Thousand Peaks” area, though it is always a challenge to live here.

It is a harsh climate, reminiscent of the Patagonian Steppes at times, yet we find it is ideally suited for our growing herd of Pygora goats. Summers are relatively cool, in the ‘60’s to ‘70’s, which allows us to grow lovely fleeces even in these temperate months. Winter fleeces are the best, with easily separated guard hair, coming in thick and fast after the Fall shearing. Parasites at this high elevation are much reduced in comparison with the challenges that others in low elevations face. While towing hay and water out to the herd during mid-winter blizzards, we do try to remind ourselves of these small blessings.