Ute Meadow Ranch is a small ranch breeding the unique Pygora goat, a specialized breed of goat known for its luxury fiber. The focus our breeding program is to achieve supreme fiber quality, excellent conformation, a range of fiber types in a range of natural colors, and friendly dispositions. Pygora goats make great pets, with their smaller size and curious, easy-going dispositions. We think of them as ‘pets with benefits’, since they can be great little milkers, and also produce all of that wonderful fiber.

We practice conscientious herd management practices, and maintain a feeding and care program that is as nature-based and organic as possible. We are blessed with a very healthy and content herd, and work hard to keep them that way. We choose to de-horn our kids, unless specifically requested by a buyer, as it works well with our way of ranching. However, we have this done by a qualified vet and with anesthesia to prevent pain.  Our experience is that the kids are bouncing around again within a few hours, and it certainly makes our lives easier and safer, once they are adults.